1. This technique was discovered by a friend of mine.

=> A friend of mine discovered this technique

2. A new hotel is being built by Cheepotelz.

Cheepotelz are building a new hotel

3. Some of those trees will be blown down in the next storm.

The next storm will blow down some of those trees

4. The report has been re-typed and sent off.

They have retyped and sent off the report

5. Rocks can now be accurately dated by palaeontologists.

Palaeontologists can now accurately date rocks

6. The dustbins are emptied twice a week.

They empty the  dustbins twice a week


7. The engineers repair the lines rapidly after a breakdown.

After a breakdown the lines the lines are rapidly repaired by the engineers

8. They added a productivity bonus to our pay.

A productivity bonus was added to our pay

9. The HRM is interviewing some job applicants.

Some job applicants are being interviewed by the HRM

10. Someone had embezzled all the pensioners’ savings.

All the pensioners’ savings had been embezzled

11. We must find the thief as soon as possible.

The thief must be found asap!

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