1. If you perfect your English you increase your professional potential

2. If you perfect your English you’ll increase your professional potential

3. If you perfected your English you would increase your professional potential

4. If you had perfected your English you would have increased your professional potential


B. Now change the following sentence according to the uses (as above):

5. If you read a lot you increase your vocabulary

6. If you read a lot you’ll increase your vocabulary

7. If you read a lot you’d increase your vocabulary

8. If you had read a lot you would have increased your vocabulary


C. Continue the second versions with the words given. As in the example:

9. What a shame I’m not 10 years younger => I wish I WAS 10 years younger

10. It’s annoying the way she smokes all the time => I wish she wouldn’t smoke all the time

11. My application wasn’t successful. Bother! => If only my application had been successful

12. They took the wrong turning. They are regretting that now. => They wish they hadn’t taken the wrong turning

13. I wish they wouldn’t make such a noise => It’s annoying the way they make so much noise

14. If only you were a French national => What a pity you’re not a French national

15. He wishes he had worn his lilac suit => He’s thinking, ‘‘If only I hadn’t worn my lilac suit”

16. We wish we hadn’t sent that letter. => We regret sending that letter

17. I bet you wish you’d kept that receipt => You were silly not to keep that receipt

Advice, wishes & regrets – ANSWERS
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