ON holiday (or ‘on vacation’) – as with the days of the week – & ON business

The difference: “How is he?” = “Comment va-t-il?”

(donc la réponse, “Il va beaucoup mieux” est tout à fait appropriée)

“What’s he like?” = “Comment est-il?” (donc pour répondre on décrit la personne)

a) the night, i.e. before a consonant = (normal ‘the’)

b) the evening – before a vowel sound = ‘thi:’ (like, ‘the office’, ‘the umbrella’, etc.)

CH = 3 possibilities

tsh (Spanish style): choose, each, watching (church, chewing gum, chorizo…)

sh (French style): machine, chic, niche (chassis, chef…)

k (Greek style): architect, monarchy, chaos (hierarchy, psychiatrist…)

ANSWERS – In or On? / How vs What…like? / Pronunciation : ‘the’ & ‘ch’
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