Part 1

1. The people you interviewed didn’t correspond to our target.

2. Is the car or the computer the most important invention of the 20th century?

3. Most Ø people in Britain prefer to eat Ø lunch at the pub whereas the French prefer to go to a restaurant.

4. I was a student before becoming a human resources manager.

5. Ø King George V never stayed at the George V hotel in Paris.

6. Where is the source of the Seine? In the plateau de Langres.

7. I like to drink Ø wine. Especially Ø red wine with Ø red meat.

Part 2

8. I don’t have any time left.

9. Would you like some coffee now, or later?

10. Despite the difficulties we had no major problems.

11. We only collected a little information.

12. Some of the applicants were very unsuitable.

13. Most of our customers are very demanding.

14. The market is depressed because fewer and fewer people are buying new furniture.

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