My Pick of the Week

I went undercover in the alt-right


US aircraft carrier Carl Vinson in historic Vietnam visit

Burkina Faso attack: French embassy targeted in Ouagadougou

Clowns bring joy to refugee children (it’s important)

FRANCE & Europe

France to fix legal age of sexual consent as 15

Italy general election vote: Who’s who and why it matters

Why English courts are opening in the EU

UK, USA & Canada

Russian spy: Boris Johnson warns Kremlin over Salisbury incident (defector & daughter fall mysteriously ill)

Trump steps up war of words on trade with threat to tax EU cars

Steel tariffs – what impact will they really have?

US gun control

State lawmakers pass gun control measures (a little – better than nothing)

Guns banned on dating app Bumble (so much for Guns & Roses)

Dick’s Sporting Goods pulls assault-style rifles as Florida students return

Four key dates that shaped the US gun debate


US investment giant pressures gun firms


Britain needs to go on a diet

Diabetes is actually five separate diseases, research suggests


The story of women’s football in 10 objects


A different portrait of black fatherhood (a nice bit of “feel-good”)


Fancy charging up your electric car in 10 minutes?

AutoSaw: Robot carpenter makes custom furniture

How humans echolocate ‘like bats’ (I read this as “e-chocolate” before reading the article)


Notre-Dame: Cracks in the cathedral

Six, deaf and going to the Oscars

Test your accent in English. Maybe you sound “West London” (like me & Hugh Grant)


Yusuf, 14, aims to be first US Muslim president (He’s serious!)

Panama hotel removes Trump branding after court battle

Japanese electric toilet symbols go global

Trump Nobel Peace Prize nomination probed amid fakery concerns

Pregnant Frenchwoman fined for walking wrong way



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