1. Our goal is to REACH young people   ‘Touch’ young people sounds a bit risqué (osé)
2. I’ll have to use English with ENGLISH SPEAKERS and OTHER FOREIGN clients   Three mistakes!
3. I’ll also need it for WRITING, PLANNING, and TRAINING   To double (the consonant) or not to double?
4. This group is involved in ALL media   ‘media’ is a plural word
5. Their activities include book PUBLISHING   ‘edition’ has other meanings (look them up)
6. This group has 8 MILLION customers and a turnover of 76 BILLION euros   No need for the OF in modern English
7. I’VE BEEN STUDYING AT UNIVERSITY FOR THE LAST TWO YEARS   The whole sentence needed rewriting
8. Children are more OPEN to new ideas than adults   ‘opened’ is the past participle (someone has opened the window) not the adjective
9. We need English for EFFICIENT communication   No ‘an’ (communication is abstract therefore uncountable)
10. I’d like to organize events LIKE (or SUCH AS) shows, conferences …   LIKE = comme (semblable à), tel que = SUCH AS
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