Who today remembers the Monkees? Not many people I bet – not in France at least.   Qui se souvient aujourd’hui des Monkees ? Pas grand monde, je parie – en France en tout cas.
Who remembers Aristotle, Socrates, Plato and Diogenes? Everyone – in France at least.   Qui se souvient d’Aristote, de Socrate, de Platon et de Diogène ? Tout le monde – en France en tout cas.
QUIZ1. Which of the above philosophers believed that for all things around us there exists a perfect version?

2. Which one rejected private property?

3. Which was condemned to die by drinking hemlock?

  QUIZ1. Lequel d’entre ces philosophes croyait que pour tout ce qui nous entoure il existe une version parfaite ?

2. Lequel rejetait la propriété privée ?

3. Lequel a été condamné à boire de la ciguë ?

Our friends from Horrible Histories offer this pastiche of the theme song of the aforementioned 60s boy band in the true pop group promotional film style of the time.   Nos amis chez Horrible Histories nous offrent cette pastiche de la chanson générique du boy band des années 60 ci-dessus mentionné bien dans le style des films promotionnels de groupes pop de cette époque.


Here we come,Through the market square,With our funny,Clothes and hair.

Aristotle and Socrates,

Plato and Diogenes,

Four fat scholars,

With our Greek philosophies.

Hey, hey,

We’re the Thinkers,

Wondering what,

Life is for.

We’re paid to,

Try and think up,

The answer

To that and more.

People found me irritating

Thanks to my interrogating

Like a toddler, was always asking why.

What is wisdom, what is beauty

What is nature, what is duty

Taught everything I know to

This next guy.

I’m Plato, was his pupil thinker

Ended up with inky fingers

Writing every word he taught me


Also had my own theory

Like for everything that we see

There’s a perfect version

To be found. Ooh!

Hey, hey,

We’re The Thinkers,

Mega brainy

Ancient Greeks

We’re always

Busy thinking

‘Cos the truth is

What we seek.

My name is Diogenes

I’m not one to say thanks or please

Poked statues and walked barefoot

In the snow.

Never believed in possessions

Thought they gave the wrong impression

Put faith in total freedom

Don’t you know?

I studied at Plato’s academy

Taught Alex the Great, I know everything me,

Intrigued by the world

Wanted to show it all.

I took all their theories higher

Discovered more to water, ether, earth, air and fire

Learned every science

I’m Mr Know-It-All!

Hey, hey

We’re The Thinkers

Very witty

Very wise

No one

Could hoodwink us

We are Athens

Brainiest guys.

Not everyone likes smarties though

Even Socrates had his foe

When tried for treason

He simply said « Why? »

They sentenced him to drink hemlock

He said « You know if I take stock

I am annoying, I’ll take that

And die. »

Hey, hey,

We’re The Thinkers


Gave us strife

But we don’t

Give a tinkers

Cause we taught them

All of our lives.


    Funny (ici) drôle 



 Scholars (ici) savants




Wonder = se demander



Think up = imaginer





 Toddler = enfant en bas âge

 Wisdom = la sagesse

Duty = le devoir


This next guy = le mec suivant


Pupil = élève

Ended up with inky fingers =

A la fin j’avais de l’encre plein les doigts




 To be found = à trouver



Brainy = intelligent



 Busy thinking = occupés à penser

‘Cos = because

What we seek = ce que nous cherchons


I’m not one to = je ne suis pas un qui

Poke (fun at) = se moquer de

Barefoot = pieds nus


 Wrong (ici) mauvais

Put faith = mettre la foi







 Take higher = porter plus haut




Mr Know-It-All = monsieur je sais tout


 Witty = plein d’esprit



Hoodwink = tromper



Smarty = petit malin


Foe = ennemi

Tried for treason = jugé pour trahison


 To sentence = condamner

Take stock = faire le point






Strife (ici) des ennuis


We don’t give a tinkers =

On s’en fiche complètement

And, before we go, here’s the original version:   Et, avant de partir, voici la version originale :


Not as bad as I thought at the time – even though they were just a pale copy of the Beatles put together by a bunch of businessmen.   Pas si mal que je croyais à l’époque – même s’ils étaient une pale copie des Beatles réunis par des hommes d’affaires.
Still, Timothy Leary found them clever.   Toutefois, Timothy Leary les trouvait géniaux.
Horrible Histories’ THE THINKERS
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