Instead of knocking the Greeks we should be thankful to them   Au lieu de critiquer les Grecs nous devrions les remercier.
What’s national deficit compared to Greece’s contribution to mankind?   Un déficit national ne pèse rien par rapport à la contribution Grecque à l’humanité.
This song – in the style of Flanders & Swan (two singer-songwriters from the 1950s, now all but forgotten) – serves as a reminder.   Cette chanson – dans le style de Flanders & Swan (deux chansonniers des années 1950, maintenant presque oubliés) – vous la rappellera.
It’s brought to us by the HORRIBLE HISTORIES team and sung Mat Baynton & Jim Howick as Aristotle and Archimedes.   Elle nous est servie par l’équipe HORRIBLE HISTORIES et chantée par Mat Baynton & Jim Howick dans les personnages d’Aristote et Archimede.
And you get the words as subtitles!   Et en plus vous avez les paroles à l’écran.


You know the caveman gave us woad   L’homme des caverns


Roman soldiers built the road    
Egypt’s pyramids were buildings at their peak    


But when we talk of great invention    
It’s important that we mention    
A special race who really were unique    
Plato and Pythagoras    
Both of them did stagger us   stupéfia
Socrates, he showed such great technique    
Was there ever, ever, ever   Est-ce qu’il y jamais eu?
such a bunch of chaps so clever?    
If you want to know the answer, ask a Greek!    
I’m a Greek, I’m a Greek    
We are all so magnifique    
We invented sundials, catapaults and bricks   Cadrans solaires
Chic and sleek, so to speak   Brilliant (luisant), pour ainsi dire
Our success was not a freak   (ici) anomalie
But working hard was how we got our kicks   Comment on s’amusait
We created the first siren   sirène
And the first soldering iron   Fer à souder
The Olympics, well… that was quite a busy week   Une semaine assez chargée
So the next time that you go-go    
To the toyshop for a yo-yo   Marchand de jouets
Let them know-know it was thought of by a Greek!   inventé
We are Greek, we are Greek    
Nowadays you’d call us geek    
But in ancient times, people thought of us as tough    


Our physique was not weak   faible
‘Cause when people gave us cheek    
We invented boxing, and other violent stuff!   La boxe


Fiery flamethrowers for battles   Lance-flammes
Pinhole cameras, baby rattles   Appareils photos ‘trou d’épingle’ – crécelle
‘Is there nothing they can’t do?’ I hear you shriek    


So next time you take a shower   douche
Or you see a lighthouse tower   phare
Just remember they were thought of by a Greek!    
Stage acoustics, ancient harps   Scène (se théâtre)
Music sounds of flats and sharps   Bémols & dièses
Central heating at your doorsteps   Pas de porte
Splints, syringes, lamps and forceps   Atelles –
Fire extinguishers, thermometers    
Coin dispensers and odometers   Distributeurs de pieces de monnaie
Pontoon bridges, pistons, pulleys   pontons
Parchment, prisms, puppets, dollies   Marionettes – poupées
Shock absorbers, draughts and maps   Amortisseur, jeu de dames
We were oh, such brainy chaps!   intelligents
Anchors, chewing gum, the list does never cease    
Spinning tops, the dice, the crane   Les dès – la grue
Do we have to ask again?    
Did they come from Spain?    
No, they came from Greece!    


I’m a Greek from Horrible Histories (homage to Flanders & Swan)
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