1. There were many cars on the roads, but there were no accidents

2. The police have found the suspect.

3. Ten per cent of the population can’t read fluently.

4. I don’t understand these phenomena.

5. He used to work in Parismany years ago

6. They sold their car in January

7. What time did they leave?

8. We’ll decide which restaurant when we meet

9. Our products can be bought in every European country

10. They were shocked by the new advertising campaign

11. The new process will allow us to reach our objectives

12. A mini-computer enables (or allows) you to work on the train

13. She’d like to have a job in advertising

14. They’re too afraid to go out at night

15. He has little time to make his decision

16. I enjoy drinking red wine with red meat  (Ø / Ø)

17. It’s a 10 year old car

18. There is no / isn’t any milk in the house

19.  I saw nobody I knew at the party

20. The bank is just opposite. You can cross the street at the pedestrian crossing.

21. If you’re hot why don’t you take off your jacket ?

22. Bye, see you on Monday

23. He’s lived there for 10 years

24.  She’s responsible for overseas sales

Mixed grammar cloze – ANSWERS
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