Part 1:

2. You ought to telephone before you go

=> You should telephone before you go

3. Candidates are not obliged to take all the tests

=> Candidates don’t have to take all the tests

4. Candidates are not allowed to leave the room unaccompanied

=> Candidates mustn’t leave the room unaccompanied

5. I’m not sure they will arrive on time

=> In my opinion, they may not arrive on time

6. A takeover is a possibility later this year

=> The company might taken over later this year


Part 2:

7. You can use your credit card to pay => It’s possible to use your credit card to pay

8. He must wear a suit and tie => He is obliged wear a suit and tie

9. Managers should listen to their subordinates => Managers are advised listen to their subordinates


Part 3:

10. Il doit être fou   He must be crazy
11. Vous avez peut-être raison   You may be right
12. Il est impossible qu’il soit à cet hôtel   He can’t be staying at this hotel
13. Ils ont certainement été retardés   They must have been delayed
14. Elle a dû oublier   She must have forgotten
15. Ils ne parlaient certainement pas de toi   They can’t have been speaking about you
16. Vous plaisantez, sans doute   You must be joking


Part 4:

17. A plan that might succeed E . qui a des chances de
18. Her would-be employers D. potentiels
19. It’s bound to be a success G. succès garanti
20. Now might not be a good time B. n’est peut-être pas
21. There happened to be enough people C. par hasard
22. They are likely to complain F. sont susceptibles de
23. They were willing to participate A. enclins à
Modals – ANSWERS
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