1. How many names do you know for zéro (in English)?

2. When do we use a point (.) and when do we use a comma (,) in English?

3. How are we supposed to read the numbers after the decimal point?          e.g.  6.55957

4. How do we read pounds (£) and pence (p), dollars ($) and cents (c)?

e.g. £11.50, $349.60c

5. Where is the stress in the expression « per cent » (%)?

a) per cent             b) per cent

And why is this important – for example if you say 50%?

6. What is different about the way the British and the Americans say, for example, 342?

7. Which dates (years) are said the same way in English and French?

eg 1996, 1789, 1500, 1066, 2001, 2013

8. Which numbers do we say digit by digit and which do we say as whole numbers?

Numbers Quiz
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