1. She said, “I’m at the office”
  She told me (that) she was at the office
  1. He said, “Can you wait a moment”
  He asked me to wait a moment
  1. They said, “You’ve got the job”
  They told me I’d got the job
  1. She said, “What can I do to help?”
  She asked us what she could do to help
  1. He said, “What does ‘unavailing’ mean?”
  He asked her what ‘unavailing’ meant
  1. He said, “Does it mean the same as ‘unavailable’?”
  He asked if it meant the same as ‘unavailable’
  1. She said, “No, it doesn’t”
  She told him it didn’t
  1. I said, “Can I have more time?”
  I asked if I could have more time

I asked for more time

  1. He said, “Wait in there”
  He told me to wait in here
  1. He said, “Please wait in there”
  He asked me to wait in here
Patterns of reported speech
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