1. He’s the one most likely to get the job, isn’t he?

2. She’s had a few ups and downs, hasn’t she?

3. They’d never accept an increase of 10%, would they?

4. They’d better hire a few bodyguards, hadn’t they?

5. They’d rather receive a handwritten application, wouldn’t they?

6. You’ll just have to do it again, won’t you?

7. You wouldn’t hold it against me, would you?

8. Someone’s been giving information to the press, haven’t they?

9. They’re being hard to please again, aren’t they?

10. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, can you?

11. We won’t be seeing very much of each other, will we?

12. They win a lot of matches, don’t they?

13. They haven’t published the results yet, have they?

14. He’s playing on Saturday, isn’t he?

15. She won’t be ready in time, will she?

16. Arsenal haven’t won a match all season, have they?

17. The whole team and the reserves have been practising hard, haven’t they?

18. They could win all three contracts, couldn’t they?

19. We should do all we can to prevent cheating, shouldn’t we?

20. Nobody’s perfect, are they?

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