1. are strongly pronounced?
  2. are weakly pronounced?
  3. can be omitted?
  4. has been omitted?
  5. could be replaced by ‘who’?
  6. could be replaced by ‘which’?


A: That‘s (1) the man.
B: Which man?
A: That (1) man, over there.
B: No. I mean what about him?
A: He’s the man that (2, 3) I was telling you about.

The one that (2, 5) sold me the…

B: … secondhand car that (2, 6) broke down after one week. How much did that (1) cost to repair?
A: That‘s (1) a good question. Over £400.
B: That (1) much! So, that‘s (1) the sort of man (4) he is.
A: Yes. That (1) sort of man.
B: I know him. He’s the man that (2, 3) ran off with my girl-friend.


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