Sell TO / Buy FROM, uses of ABOUT, (to) DO

You SELL TO customers

You BUY FROM suppliers

  Vous vendez aux clients

Vous achetez aux (ou auprès de) fournisseurs

In English the direction of an action is always explicit   En anglais la direction d’une action est toujours explicite.
About our order, …

About 20 boxes

  Concernant notre commande,

Environ 20 boites

In the first case you can also write “Regarding (or Re:) our order”   Dans le premier cas on peut aussi écrire “Regarding (or Re:) our order”
Is it correct TO SAY…

Can you SAY…

  Est-ce correct de dire…

Peut-on dire…

The meaning of the two phrases is identical but be careful of the form of the (main) verb!   Le sens des deux locutions est identique mais attention à la forme du verbe (principal) !
Three points of English WEEK 2 – 2013
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