The adjective ‘typical’ just means ‘ordinary’ so you need to specify ‘typical of what’

e.g. We visited a village with typical houses of the region.

The people that he met were very friendly = The people he met were very friendly

The optional word is ‘that’. (The translation of ‘que’ is usually an optional element)

You can say

I took the plane to New York or I flew to New York

The verb FLY translates as voler, prendre l’avion or piloter (un avion)

NB un vol = a flight (don’t forget to pronounce the T)

On holiday (vacation)?

What do the following expressions mean?

Bed & Breakfast = chambre d’hôtes

Bedsit = studio

Self-catering = équipé pour la préparation des repas

Of course, B&B is well-known in French now.

Finally, a commonly used synonym for ‘obligatory’ is compulsory (or mandatory)
Typical, optional relative pronoun, meanings of FLY, holiday accommodation terms, synonyms of obligatory.
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