1. They usually have an update meeting on Monday morning.
  2. We’re presenting our preliminary report tomorrow.
  3. There were 150 delegates at the annual Convention.
  4. While the CEO was making her presentation …
  5. … the directors were listening to every word.
  6. Hardly had the candidate begun his speech than protesters started shouting.
  7. Since we had been discussing the budget all morning, we decided to stop for lunch.
  8. How long did you stay in your last job?
  9. How many application letters have you written?
  10. He’s doing a sabbatical year. He’s gone to work in an orphanage in Peru.
  11. I worked for that firm for four years.
  12. We’re only staying at the hotel for 2 nights.
  13. He’s been off sick for a long time.
  14. She may be a little late. Her train’s been held up.
  15. I won’t be able to attend next week’s meeting.
  16. We hope they’ll finish removing the asbestos before the end of the summer.
  17. Are you going to Athens next month?
  18. Will you go over that point again please?
  19. I’ll phone you as soon as I’ve finished.
  20. By the time they land in Australia they’ll have been travelling for 1½ days.


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