1. Mary’s husband
  2. The company(’s) activity / The activity of the company
  3. The boss’s car
  4. Jess’s (bed)room
  5. My wife’s parents
  6. The beginning of the year
  7. New Year’s Day
  8. Christmas Eve
  9. A war film

10. A race horse

11. A horse race

12. The end of the film

13. The owner of this restaurant

14. My friend’s address

15. The number for emergency services / The emergency services number

16. The end of the week (» Friday)

17. The cause of the problem

18. The top of the hill / The hilltop

19. The bodyguard

20. Our friends’ house (NB -s followed by apostrophe)

21. The publishing house

22. One of Carol’s ideas

Many of the translations are either fixed (New Year’s Day, Christmas Eve, Northern Ireland, etc.) or conventional (Case Study, Parkinson’s disease).

23. A case study24. A garden flower

25. A flower garden

26. Our neighbours’ garden

27. A six metre* hole (*US meter)

28. (Puss in Boots’) Seven League Boots

29. A shoe shop

30. My colleague’s children

31. The Name of the Rose (by Umberto Ecco)

32. The name of the woman who lives next door (“The woman etc.’s name” is stylistically clumsy)

33. A test of strength

34. The English teacher

35. English Grammar (the grammar of English)

36. The North of France

37. (The Republic of) South Africa

38. Northern Ireland

39. Parkinson’s disease

40.  a) rue de Paradis                         b) Paradise Street


When Y is a person or people the version is systematically apostrophe ‘s’ (or, if there is already an ‘s’ ending, ‘s’ apostrophe).

X of Y
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